Welcome to WISE Laboratory

The Web Infrastructure and Software Enhancement(WISE) Laboratory is part of the Computer Engineering Department in the Graduate School of Ajou University. The laboratory focuses on creating the technology infrastructure and applications that help to solve important problems in the next generation distributed systems/services since 2007. WISE Laboratory is meant to foster interdisciplinary research in all areas related to large scale systems including cloud.

Our current major area of interest

A large scale software system including Web system, Grid computing, High Performance/Parallel Computing, and Cloud Computing.

On-Going researches

Resource Management in Virtualized Environment

(Keywords: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Live Migration, Hotspot Removal Algorithm, Auto-scaling and Dynamic SLA)

Efficient and Scalable RDF Management System

(Keywords: Semantic Auto Search Depth. Structural Indexing, Hybrid Querying, Distributed Large-Scale RDF Data Processing and SPARQL Query Optimization)

Energy Efficient Multisite Offloading Algorithm for Mobile Cloud

(Keywords: Markov Decision Process, Computation Offloading on Mobile Cloud)

High Performance 3D PointCloud Data Processing Heterogeneous Multicore/Manycore System

(Keywords: GPGPU, ARM, MPI, MapReduce and LiDAR Data Sensing)

Source: Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries